Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting to My Words.

Never would I have thought it would be so hard. As a rule of the infinity that is the internet, blogs have titles, and most of them are appropriate to the subject. But to create or come up with an intriguing and appropriate title, there was the catch. There is a certain amount of finality when choosing a blog name. Not only might it be taken already by some other clever blogger, but it has to be able to interest a reader enough to actually read.

Therefore, I had a dilemma. What could I come up with that would entice interwebbers to come, read, and perhaps come back, while also pleasing me?

So, I started a poll. Through Facebook, texts, and old-fashioned speaking to people face to face, I wanted to find out what one single word defines me. Boring, but to the point, the Facebook question: "Dear friends, if you could describe me in one word, what would it be?" halfway implied that my complex personality could not, despite the odds, be described in one word, but I was putting these 'friends' of mine up to the challenge. My plan was to think of my own identifying word, before putting it out there to ask others, thereby not being influenced by others. But alas, it's easier to hear what other people have to say than to qualify yourself, so my word came much later.

The words I received on Facebook included:
undescribable (I know, sometimes English is tough)

These were all very flattering, but it made me wonder if those words are all what people genuinely think of me. So I asked people face to face. Words I got there included:
raconteur (a person who is skilled in relating stories and anecdotes interestingly)

Of all the words, I appreciated 'bright' the most. There is something about it that isn't limited to ability, personality or character. It efficiently encompasses all of those into one six-letter-word, and has nothing but sunny (sorry, pun) connotations. And for a week I thought I would use it. After finding an adjective, I needed to find a noun. 'Musings' came to me, and seemed right away as it would be perfect. It doesn't mean anything other than basically a train of thought (and who can't do that?). But after several days of thinking, and I'm sure close to the effort parents put in before they name their child, I decided against using 'musings' or 'ponderings' or 'thoughts.' They seem a bit too vague. And isn't it implied that a blog is someone's thoughts? To name it that would inevitably make me roll my eyes. 

And in the end, I decided on Living the Clever Life. My word for myself was 'clever,' and everyone who I have told, have agreed wholeheartedly. And now, we can just see where that takes me.

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