Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quote of the Day: European Fashion

"Leggings are not pants."

And that includes nude leggings. You might think that might have been inferred, as leggings are leggings, no matter what color, but when I had to do a double take to make sure a girl was wearing pants today, it worried me quite a bit.

Normally, Europeans are pretty cool. They have cool cars, sometimes live on cool villas on the beach of southern France or in Monaco, vacation on islands, and mostly have awesome style.

The style of most Europeans usually looks thrown together, in that fantastic way that makes it seem like the amount they tried with their outfit was little to none. I saw a woman today wearing tan pants, red flats, a blue and white striped shirt, carrying a white bag, and had a pink/coral patterned scarf around her neck. The fact that you might not put all the colors and prints together in one outfit didn't matter. She was basically the epitome of cool, and it didn't look at all like she had tried. I believe that's what makes most Europeans so chic.

I would say about 10% of the people I've see take it way a bit too far. It's not okay when I see someone out of the corner of my eye and have a small brain freak out that she forgot to wear pants. That is neither normal, nor accepted, and even if they were nude leggings, I was very relieved she was wearing them. I did not really care to see her nude legs.

This woman was not the subject of the story, but she was equally cool. She just wouldn't turn around so I could get a picture.  

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