Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quote of the Day: Be Passionate

"If you are passionate about a craft, invest in the best equipment you can afford."
(First, a small side note: It's funny that when I started thinking about this post, my camera would take one picture, and as if it was then too exhausted to do anything more, the screen would go black, the buttons would do nothing, but the lens would stay extended, and not covered. And now, when I got access to another camera with which to photography my kaput camera, the broken camera works like a charm. It continues to not work when I want it to, and work when it shouldn't. Maybe I've just figured out the intricacies of dealing with a snarky camera.)

Three years ago, I began the class of photography, mainly because I was forced to take a fine arts class. The next year I signed up for Photojournalism, on a whim. That was one of the best things I have ever done. I got access to better cameras, more time with them, and were able to learn much more about photography, mainly through trial and error.

And for two years I was spoiled, being able to check cameras out when I wanted, whether for school or personal use, and experiment with them. I learned a lot, and thought that I wouldn't ever find the need for such a camera; they are too big, can't put them in a pocket or small bag, does the quality difference really make it worth it?

But I've come to the conclusion that is will make a difference, and I can live with all the things I've decided were bad before. Plus, I plan on having one someday, and there's no use in getting this fixed, or buying a new one to use for a short time. 

My trusty point and shoot has come to die on me. It's unfortunate, and I will miss it when it's gone. However, at the moment I'm able to take a photo or two, and then wait a few hours and it will properly turn off. Then I may take another on or two. It's a bit of a struggle.

The above quote goes on to say: "What is money for if not to feed your passions?" (500 Pieces of Prudent Advice for My Baby Daughter)

I believe that, and therefore have set my mind on getting a new camera. It shall be a Nikon, because I have used it and am familiar. And hopefully, it will look something like:

I'll let you know when that happens. It's on my list of important things to get.
Update: It happened! You can read about it here. 

For now, I'm using my 8 megapixel camera on my Droid X
Sort of funny, but it's a good camera.

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