Friday, June 24, 2011

Things I Love: The Idea of Writing in a Notebook/Journal

I decided not to go in order on my Things I Love list posts, but instead post due to relevance.

Last Wednesday, I was set loose on the city of Hamburg, Germany. I had a map, a backpack, and a small idea of where I was going. I ended up taking a double-decker bus tour around the city, which allowed me to not worry about getting lost for about 2 hours.

Once the tour was over, I set out through the streets to shop, perhaps to find something in Germany that I can't in America. What I ended up buying, however, I could have, and have, found in the States. I wandered into a shop that appeared to be a seller of outdoor living supplies and decorations, but when I came to the section of fine neckties, I questioned the theme of the store. The fishing poles, crystal bowls, and home office organization tools furthered that skepticism.

And in the back corner stood a bookshelf filled with many colors.

So I walked over, to find leather bound notebooks. Something I have before considered buying, but didn't think I'd ever use one, and it would be a waste of money.

But, at this store, I held two notebooks in my hands, and convinced myself that if I bought one, I would use it.

So I bought one, and I was pretty darn happy about it.

Photo by me. Want to see on Flickr?

It's made by Leuchtturm1917, and is subject to German engineering. It has numbered pages, a ribbon bookmark, a table of contents for me to fill in, and a fancy folder at the back. It's fabulous, and so far, my writing is going well.

Photo by me. Want to see on Flickr?

As I wrote on the first page: "Not only because Oprah did it (but mostly), I will begin journaling, or at least try!"

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