Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Things I Love: Things That Make One Look Like a Sailor.

Photo: Marie Claire

Considering my current status, being in Germany, the only thing I thought appropriate to post, was probably the most stereotypical French thing I could think of, other than pictures of berets and the Eiffel Tower. 

So, here begins my list of Things I Love. I've been working on it for a few weeks; it all began when I was annoyed with something, and about to start a list of Things I Hate, but decided a Love list would be healthier. I still say to myself from time to time, "If I had a hate list, that would be on it." Here goes.

#1. Things that make one look like a sailor. 
I spent a month in southern France last summer, and something that seemed to be everywhere was navy and white striped shirts. It seemed so cliché, and yet I loved it. I guess I thought the only thing separating me from the French, except my awesome French accent, was the fact that I didn't look French. Thank goodness for H&M, where I spent 20 minutes walking around the store picking up every navy and white striped shirt I could find, and entered the dressing room with eight, seemingly identical shirts. And 7.95 Euros later, I was basically a native. I proudly wore that shirt around, as if it made me more worthy to be in the country. 

After coming back to the US, I was overwhelmingly pleased to find that stripes were a chosen fad of this year. I could continue my stripe collection, and wear the shirts or jackets without being a freaky French person. And now, that love has morphed into anything that appears sailor-ish, with the exception of dresses for 3 year old girls that appear to be made for dolls. 

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