Sunday, July 24, 2011

Roadside Entertainment

Last week, I drove down to south of Tucson from Scottsdale, what was supposed to be a 3.5 hour drive, but only lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes. To say the least, I was not saddened that it took shorter than expected. There are only so many things I can think of doing while focusing on driving for that long. However, the I-10 made it very easy. Someone had to have been in charge of setting up ridiculous things on the sides of the road for bored car travelers. I have to apologize in advance, as there won't be many pictures, as I was driving. From what society has told me, photographing while operating heavy machinery is not the smartest choice.

The two signs that caught my eye were "Feed the Lorikeets" and "Ostrich Products". I was fascinated by the word lorikeet, but I can't say that I knew what it was. Now I do. From the noises in the background, to the man's inattentiveness towards the bird, this is a great video, if you're like me and don't know what a lorikeet is. Also, other than an ostrich egg or a ostrich feathers used for decorating (?) I wasn't aware there were that many other uses for ostrich products. But, if you ever find yourself on the I-10, don't miss out on this one.

This is probably the exact sign I saw. Middle of nowhere, but a perfect spot for a impromptu picnic. Photo borrowed.

On my way, I found myself on a very long road, and saw probably three other cars during the half hour I was on it. I did see, however, a sign labeled "Roadside Table" which got me very excited. I thought it would help me in familiarizing myself with geographic features, instead of my mind resulting in mush from driving for so long in non-populated areas. The bad news is that when I drove by, there was no geographic feature to be seen. Instead, it was literally a table on the side of the road. Because I can't imagine anything more pleasant than eating lunch on the side of a deserted road in the sweltering heat. Oh wait, I can. Your car. 

Again, I'm a little confused with the marketing here. I'm not endorsing any church/religion, but I'm mystified why someone wouldn't want to go to The Cool Church. I can't imagine any conversation going well in which one asks someone else to go to The Boring Church, or The Uncool Church. Kudos to the marketing team at TCC. 

Behold, the Gila River. Photo borrowed.

And lastly, a word on the meteorological state of Arizona: it's a bit dry. The only reason I was aware I was anywhere near the Gila River (pronounced heel-ah) was the green sign on the edge of the road letting me know I wasn't just driving over a small bridge for fun. And this is the wet season in the desert. 

Overall, great trip. I found myself laughing to myself a lot, whether it was at the things mentioned above, or stupid drivers who appeared to be asleep, but with sunglasses on. Ah, society. 

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