Monday, August 22, 2011

Things I Love: Blogs of Interesting People

I enjoy reality tv shows. That post will come later. But, when I'm not watching reality tv (or when I watch faster than those people produce them) I enjoy reading blogs. The concept is basically the same, seeing into people's lives for free, and sometimes it's hard to watch. But sometimes it's WONDERFUL.

So here is my list of my favorite blogs for the moment, for various reasons. This is basically free readership for other people's blogs, and I'm happy to share their genius with you. After all, they make me happy.


The Everywhereist by Geraldine DeRuiter

Perhaps ABSOLUTELY my favorite blog of all time. Geraldine writes about traveling. In an absolutely hysterical fashion. I found it after it was featured on the TIME Best Blogs of 2011. (I'm still confused as to how they were able to gauge the best blogs of the year in June, but I'm going with it. I am not yet powerful enough to question those sorts of decision making people.) So I read almost all of the posts, dating back to summer 2009, and they are all great. I don't know how she got to be on the greatest-blogs-that-ever-existed list, but I wholeheartedly second that motion. Also, her blog has been know to inspire one or more things on mine.


Little Brown Pen by Nichole Robertson

For a photography lover such as myself, this is an inspiring blog. Looking at her Paris Color Project makes me feel as though any photo I ever take has no artistic merit. Her photography has a purpose, and even though it's mostly inanimate objects around the City of Light, the photos are phenomenal. Seem like they would be pictures that would fit in in a modern house. Plus, she seems like she would be a cool person, you know, all international and cultured. Also, I sat in these chairs.


Melissa Jill Photography

Melissa Jill is a photographer in Phoenix, AZ. Can't say I know anything about her except what I've read on her blog, but I would say she loves what she does, and it shows. The photos are phenomenal. It's a great blog, I enjoy what she has to say as well as the amazing pictures. And if nothing else, the pictures of weddings, receptions, and attractive people should make you happy for a few minutes.


Shyla Photography

Another photography blog, what can I say? Her website is where you can see photo after photo, but I enjoy the blog much more. I like to hear the story that goes with the photographs. I don't know how people do it, but some pictures are just magical. She is one of those photographers.


Know of a blog I would like? Feel free to send it to me. Actually, please do. I'm always looking for new ones.


  1. Um, this basically made my night and I'm doing a little happy dance in my airplane seat (I made Rand read what you wrote, too. His reply? "That's so awesome.")

    With regards to other blogs you might want to check out, not sure if you are a design and fashion junkie, but if you are, you might like It's awesomesauce. :)

  2. I'm glad this got your stamp of approval! Your blog has always brought a smile to my face, and if mine did for you, that works for me! Means I did my job well. :) Happy 2012!