Monday, August 8, 2011

Things I Love: Dresses Appropriate for Tea Parties

As of recent, I have enjoyed spending time in stores like Nordstrom. The helpful women who work there act more like servants, and it's very pleasing. No more carrying around armloads of clothes to try on. On second thought, they probably get people to try on, and subsequently buy more things, due to the fact that customers don't have to haul around hangers and suffer from lack of blood circulation in their arms. (I have had many a painful experience in Nordstrom.)

Nordstrom is full of dresses appropriate for tea parties, and I look forward to the day that it will be appropriate for me to wear one. Whether it be to attend a tea party or not.

Thank goodness for Jackie Kennedy. What a class act, she is the woman of whom I think when I picture someone in a tea party dress.

And with pearls. What else could we have expected?

Definition of a tea party dress: knee-ish length, usually sleeveless. Worn by Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama alike. And fancy women who have personal shoppers at Nordstrom.

The more modern version. Thank you Anthropologie.

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