Sunday, October 2, 2011

Things I Love: Reality TV Shows

With new seasons of shows starting, I thought now would be appropriate to talk about my love for reality TV shows.

I'd like to say it here and now: I love reality TV.

I realize many people say they don't appreciate what it has to offer the world, that the shows themselves are no longer real anymore, but instead scripted, or that my brain will melt into warm mashed potatoes if I continue "wasting my life away."

But I care not. The amazement of watching other people's lives, and most of the time that means it's full of  shenanigans, will never cease to entertain me.

So here's the list.

Something that reality TV is able to do well is to showcase things that wouldn't be possible to write. This show is a great example of it. Of the Real Housewives series, this is my favorite, by far. Maybe due to the amount of money they have access to, or the Botox in their faces being in too close proximity to their brains, the ladies on the show are able to say and do the most absurd things. It is fabulous. Now that the show has come back for a second season, a more somber note has been placed on the whole series after husband Russell Armstrong committed suicide. We're still waiting to see what that will mean for the rest of the show. If I didn't already watch the show and came across these weekly re-caps of the show, I would watch it just so I would know what was going on after reading the Gawker version. 

If someone had come up with this show, that person would have been the most creative person alive. The family dynamic that this show shows probably doesn't happen to anyone else, except for those with the last name of Kardashian. Or Jenner, or Odom. As characters go, Khloe has to be my favorite. The various things that she says don't usually go together in a logical and coherent order, but they are brilliantly funny. Kourtney is funny when she doesn't try to be, and most of the time she's being completely serious, but comes off as hysterical. The rest of the family is pretty equal in my eyes in terms of my love. Except for Bruce Jenner. The good news is that Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have written a book. About "a high profile family" with daughters Kamille, Kassidy and Kyle. I'm assuming it ends with a divorce from Kris Humphries.

Thank goodness this show has come back on the air. Rachel Zoe is a genius. She has someone else design her house, she only wears black clothes which make it impossible to tell if her body is under there, and when given two options as for who to hire as a fashion assistant, she hires the construction worker, for the mere fact he wears nice clothes and is cute. The season spends a lot of time with Joey, her makeup/hair person who has moved back from New York in order to be with her more. Apparently they're best friends; he's in the loop for work emails when the intern only hears about them the next day. Weird relationships happen. Sadly, in the middle of the season Rachel, well, she makes her husband, Rodger, fire Jeremiah. Then he gets emotional, and spends the rest of the season being emotional. It's great the power RZ has over people. Now that she has a kid, I'm looking forward to the next season much more. It could calm her down, but most likely it will make her more frantic. Perfect. 

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