Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Routine in Keeping my Patience in Check.

Or, a Saturday afternoon consisting of hanging four picture frames in a reasonable way.

I am not ashamed to say that I have never failed to stop and go into IKEA when driving past one. This was true almost two years ago on Black Friday driving back home from Thanksgiving festivities when we decided to brave IKEA on the biggest shopping day of the year. Not only was the excitement equal to that of Disneyland on Christmas, but everything was even less expensive than usual. It was magnificent.

I happened to pick up four Ribba frames, knowing that I could figure out something to do with them. Instead of the $4.99 that they usually are, they were on sale for $1.99. (I don't see why any sane person wouldn't grab at least 8. I'm thinking really hard to think of something better than insanely cheap IKEA products.)
Very pleased with my purchase, I then had to brainstorm what I would do with these very gratifying purchases. I decided that my bathroom had a large amount of area perfect for picture frames. Similar to the story that this post will be about, I spent the afternoon choosing pictures, editing and printing them, and finally hanging up the frames.

Now. I would assume that picture frames hung on a wall above eye level would be safe from being knocked down. I'm not sure what was wrong with that, because soon I had a note left in the kitchen from the cleaners reading "I broke something in the bathroom." Okay, so that's fine. No big deal, and at $1.99, I can buy another. It wasn't until I got the next note saying just about the same thing that I was a bit annoyed. So I took all the frames off the wall, and lost enthusiasm for about 6 months.

I suppose one on the right could have been salvaged. But this is about principle.

Don't lose all hope in me! I was able to finally figure out what new pictures I wanted in the frames, and willed myself to use a tape measure and painters tape, instead of just eyeballing it, the way I wanted it. Certainly would have been faster.

So I got the tape measure, calculator, pencil and a level. (Well, it was an app on my iTouch. But I trusted it.) Apparently my problem last time was the way I affixed the frames to the wall, so this time I did it right.

I managed to miss my fingers, didn't hurt myself at all. Except for squeezing a nail the wrong way, that one hurt.

This is when I used my "level." No one has complained yet of the frames not being straight.

I measured and taped. Then did some dividing, and chose where the frames would go. 

Another time when I didn't hurt myself with a nail and hammer. Thought about using the packing peanut method, but had a problem: didn't have any packing peanuts. I like to live on the edge. 


Want to see the pictures I chose? Here they are.

I had them in a horizontal line before, going over the empty space and towel rack. I'm liking this, but may have to go back to IKEA to get more frames, and start this process over again.

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  1. Dang. the link with the pictures? holy crap they're all so awesome.