Monday, December 26, 2011

Quote of the Day: Gratitude

If a fellow isn't thankful for what he's got, he isn't likely to be thankful for what he's going to get.  

It was, in fact, a merry Christmas.

Any loyal reader of mine will most likely remember this unfortunate tale of a broken camera. Not to give too much away, but it's my tale. And it consisted of my camera deciding to take its own route in life, regardless of my needs. It doesn't work anymore. 

But yesterday was Christmas. And as Christmases do, they come with presents. And I got something that I have wanted for quite a while. Enter Nikon D5100 into my life.

I've tricked everyone! My eye was neither looking through the viewfinder nor watching the screen. Just shot away. 

I have big hopes for this camera. Despite its size, I may just have to bring it almost everywhere I go, and my hard drive may quickly fill with pictures of anything within my immediate surrounding. And that's okay. Because I will generously add to this collection, even if I'm the only one to look at it. 

I like that this camera gives me an opportunity to be creative. Being fairly artistically uninclined due to lack of talent, pushing a button and rotating wheels is, for me, eons easier than shading and sculpting. 

Gifts, in many cases, are means of creation. This could be in the very literal way, in that this camera will allow me to create pictures, videos, memories. In a more figurative way, if a gift makes a person stop, even for only a moment, and realize the chance to practice gratitude, then it has done its job. Amid the shopping and running around during the holiday season, there are (or should be) thousands of chances to have those grateful moments. Like the quote of the day says, if you can't be grateful for what you have now, adding anything will most likely not change anything. After this year and this holiday season, I will go into the new year with the idea that it might just not be so important to have what you want, but maybe it's much more important to like what you have. 

And today, I like what I have. 

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