Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Resolutions: Part I

There seems to be a stigma about New Year's Resolutions: that they don't work. Or that they work, but only for the first two weeks of January. Which is true for most decisions in life, if the decision isn't that important, it is novel for a few weeks, and then falls back behind more eminent daily tasks.

I don't know that I've ever had a serious New Year's Resolution, other than when I was 8, I had a darn good one. I vowed to give up broccoli. That was also my sacrifice for Lent, despite not being Catholic, or that the concept of Lent is based on giving up something you enjoy. At the time, it was a brilliant idea. And I stand by it. It did not last long, surprisingly.

But in 2011, I neither gave up something I wholly loved or disliked. And it wasn't even my idea. Peer pressure led me to this idea, what turned out to be a positive thing for my year.

I decided a year ago (today) to not drink soda for the duration of 2011. Now, I suppose this needs some background. I am by no means an avid soda drinker. I would usually drink it because it was there, and I only like about three types of soda. Nor do I hate it, or think that my teeth will fall out with the first sip. I just saw it as a challenge, to see if I could do it. For an entire year.

Normally, I would insert here some witty stories as to what antics went on by my refusing soda, but none of the such happened. I admit to accidentally having a sip of a Shirley Temple, and because it wasn't my drink I couldn't spit it back in the cup. I was mortified in that second, thinking that the gods of resolutions would send their lightening bolt down on me. I then gave myself three chances for accidents, but am proud to say that was the only time. I have since been confused why I had never had a Shirley Temple before. My childhood was depraved.

Ironically, the peer who first suggested the resolution of not drinking soda forgot about the idea, and by April was drinking soda. To each his own. For me, it worked. I'm proud of my year without soda. The looks that people, astonished that I would put myself through such horror make up for anything I missed in the soda drinking world.

Look for Part II soon for my 2012 resolution. With the success of 2011, I had a hard time deciding with 2012's.

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