Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Things I Love: Kelle Hampton's Blog

I have a legitimate list of Things I Love. It's 27 items long, and adding more things to it is a long process. I have to question myself whether it will be a short lived passion, or something that I really enjoy. And maybe someday I will get to a post about each thing, but some are quite abstract, requiring extra effort when looking for pictures. Someday, I promise.

About the first time I went on her blog, I decided it would be a Thing I Love, capitalized or not; on my list or not. 

Kelle Hampton's blog is called Enjoying the Small Things. That's similar to the subtitle of my blogAppreciating life's small things through astute observations. Don't worry, I am by no means comparing her and my blog. That would be a gross understatement to the awesomeness of her blog. 

Not only do I love the fact that she even has a blog, I love the writing. I love the stories that she has to tell, and the way she tells them. I love the fact that her blog is about half pictures, and her pictures are stunning. It's literally an all around awesome blog. And I'm not the only one who thinks this. She's has 7.15 million people (from the U.S. alone) visit her blog. She has blog posts that look like they belong in a catalog for cool places with pretty people. 

And she does good things. 

Her daughter Nella was born with Down Syndrome, which is a large topic of her blog, and yet at the same time, she rarely talks about it. 

But as Nella's second birthday comes around, she begins to think about it more, and talks about it more. And is working to raise $200,000 for the National Down Syndrome Society before Nella's second birthday. And they are close. With five days left and less than $40,000 to go, it's possible. 

If you're looking for something to support, something to feel good about, check out her website. Donate if her story says something to you. It's an extraordinary story, goal, and blog. 

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