Monday, March 19, 2012


Ah, planes. 

Doesn't everyone have a story about the misfortune that society has places upon them by surrounding them with people who were clearly raised with no regard for the general public's happiness?

You'd think that's what I would write about. But I'm here to surprise with the other sort of plane story. 

After spending my morning doing morning-before-the-plane type activities, I got to the gate from which I was departing. And because I'm lucky I got to sit next to a woman and her nine-year-old daughter, discussing the fact that on the way back, it would be an 18 hour trip and they will be able to go shopping in Denver. Thank goodness not only do I know this, but the entirety of the A gates also know this now. Sidenote: I don't know where they lived that would be 18 hours away from Hawaii. Also, before mentioned woman does not know why the abbreviation of the LA airport is LAX. She made a point of telling us all that.

After listening to this for far too long, I was granted the privilege of boarding the plane. Window seat and my row was empty. Score! A woman sat in the aisle seat, but the middle seat between us was left empty for a long while. Despite the announcements that it would be a full flight, I (as was she, probably) was hoping that we might be left with our barren crevasse between us. But, the standby fliers got to come on. And as She walked down the aisle, She looked straight at our barren crevasse. Sure enough, nice Aisle Seat Lady and I would be sharing our haven known as Underpopulated Row, with this flight-attendant-uniform-clad lady. And if you recall, which you shouldn't, because it has been posted yet, one of the things I love is Flight Attendant Uniforms. (Don't get anxious, that post will come.)

And at first, I was sort of annoyed that she would have the gaul to sit in our reserved seat. And then I began to reason with myself. What was I going to do with that empty seat? If Middle Seat Lady wasn't here, would Aisle Seat Lady and I both get half of the seat for our folded legs or other lounging body parts, making the flight that much more enjoyable? Probably not. I haven't been known to bond that intimately with people in public. And the more I thought about it, why shouldn't she get to sit next to me, and get on a plane to Hawaii in March? She was nothing but pleasant and offered to lend me her pen to fill out my very official Hawaii Department of Agriculture Form. That made me quite happy with her. 

After that debacle, we sat on the tarmac for longer than necessary, in my book. And, here comes the exciting part. When we finally started taxiing, we did it backwards. And not backwards like we need to back up a bit so we will, but backwards like we did a circle and then straight for a good long time. I may have been the only one laughing on the plane, but I fully enjoyed it. 

I would bore you with the other details about how two 8-year-olds who clearly wanted to be at an indoor jumping facility sat behind me, or that the flight was entirely too long, but I've done that. 

And for now, I have this to enjoy. Like I say, if everything was perfect, nothing would be perfect.

Enjoy your week. I know I will.

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