Friday, March 2, 2012


Upon searching for quotes on inspiration, I found this. 

A deadline is negative inspiration. Still, it's better than no inspiration at all.
Rita Mae Brown

And upon not searching for quotes on inspiration, I found this: 

I learned...that inspiration does not come like a comes into us slowly and quietly and all the time, though we must regularly and every day give it a little chance to start flowing, prime it with a little solitude and idleness. 
-Brenda Ueland

The places where inspiration can be found are numerous, depending on the person, day, place, time in life, and countless other variables. I started noticing what inspires me, and what doesn't. My inspiration can be inspiration for others, but most likely what inspires me and what inspires you are different. 

This week, my inspiration came from:

 The most adorable shoes I've ever seen on a child: bright orange leather loafers, which, did not match her otherwise perfectly matched outfit. I thought it went perfectly.

Curling my hair on a whim (Monday morning) for no reason, like wearing a dress, it makes you act differently.

Hanging this up, and printing more pictures for it, many more than the eight "suggested" by the box, by only including eight birdy paperclips. 

Want to see more pictures? Be my guest. Flickr: here. 365 Project: here.

Intellectual inspiration of the week: Name as many countries of the world as you can, spelled right, but you don't need to know where they go. First go at it, I got 78/196. Practiced, and will take it again in the coming week to see how many new ones I can remember, and will share my new score, higher, hopefully. Want to play? Take this and share your score with someone, namely me. 

Happy March!

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