Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas!

To somewhat get in the holiday spirit, as we are "skipping" Christmas this year, and instead going on a trip (that post will come later) we went down to see Christmas lights at the Mesa Temple. As far as light exhibits go, it was extremely well done, and made for a perfect first visit for me. 

I couldn't tell who were members of the church and who were like me, just coming for the lights, but everyone was extremely pleasant. The website went to point out that there would be no proselytizing, and true to their word, there were only friendly faces wishing me a Merry Christmas, asking if I needed anything. Who doesn't love nice people?

I tried to find out the number of lights used, and I can't even guess. It seemed like everything was lit, and I can't imagine what sort of manpower it took to put them all up. Either way, it was incredible. The temple itself is an amazing piece of architecture, and all lit up it in addition to the lights, it was crazy pretty. 

Three of my favorite photos from the night:
 The moon came out in full force.

Purple lights were everywhere. Actually, lights of all colors were everywhere, but I especially liked the purple. You don't see them everywhere.

 Lemon trees with lights. Something about this made me very happy.

 Pictures never remind you how cold you are. I wasn't cold in this picture, but thirty minutes after? Yes. 

 They did this to all the palm trees, added angel wings. The number of palm trees was huge, and I was so surprised that every tree had them. Very impressive.

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