Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012: A Look Back

There's a moment in the desert every night - the sun passes right behind the mountains to the west, and all the other mountains which make up the valley change color. The light fades somewhat into more of a haze (the good kind) and the mountains become purple silhouettes. If I'm lucky I'm driving on a certain part of the freeway when this happens, as it's just about the only place that I can see such a phenomenon. With the sunsets coming earlier and earlier recently, I was more than aware of what time I was driving in that direction, hoping to get a glimpse of the world at that moment, drink in its beauty.

When I look back at the past year, I am amazed. So much in my life is different from how it was a year ago, and so much is different than what I thought it would look like. However, if I had the chance to go back and tell my last-year-self how it is now, I definitely would not. I am the person I am today because of everything I experienced this year, and I am more than grateful for that. 

I hope I can look back and remember moments like driving and seeing the mountains fade to purple. Small moments like that are overlooked and should be both appreciated and remembered as life can't be all huge events and occasions. Here's a look back at my 2012, a year filled with both big events and moments that I will remember for the fact that they were small and not so momentous. 

Happy 2013.

January 2012

My view at midnight last year. Read here about my resolution for 2012, and go here to see how well I did on it. Whoops. I tried. Technical difficulties got in the way.

February 2012

March 2012
Lanikai Beach, Oahu

Hanauma Bay, Oahu. 
It was here where I got the email that said I was accepted into American University. 

Sunset from Waikiki

Waikiki Beach
April 2012

Amy and I at some vineyard in Missouri.

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
May 2012

Prom. This picture pretty much sums it up for me.

Graduation. Goodbye high school.
June 2012

I am now a Mac. Thank goodness for that.
July 2012

Key West, FL

Key West, FL

Me and Copernico the Dolphin. Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman as seen from the boat.

Cozumel, Mexico.

September 2012

Got to see Mat Kearney in concert again.

Train was there as well.
October 2012

Diamondbacks game. First baseball game in a few years.

They won. 
December 2012

Amy graduated college and I got to be there to watch, Fulton, Missouri. More coming on this soon. 

St. Louis Arch, St. Louis, Missouri.

Mormon Temple for lights, Mesa, Arizona. 

San Francisco! More coming on this soon. 

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California. 

Union Square, San Francisco. View from my table at my last meal of the year.

And bringing it full circle, my view this year at midnight on New Year's. 

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