Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Drive Back

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So we went to San Francisco. And we had to drive back. It was a long drive already, so we made some stops along the way. I figured this deserved its own post, as I didn't realize how many pictures I had taken, nor did I realize how many of them were of the ocean. San Francisco doesn't need to be distracted by the ocean. 

Here's the drive back, as seen from the passenger seat of a car. And I was always facing the ocean, it seems.

I saw pictures of Big Sur about two years ago, and didn't believe it was a real place. Or at least a place located to close to me. And we went during golden hour, just to make it that much better.

I think we only passed one scenic viewpoint without stopping for pictures. Must I say again? Golden Hour.

One of the many pictures taken from the car window. Thankfully the mountains were big enough not to be blurry at 70 MPH. 

This has been the background of my phone for about 6 months. I changed it, and then had to go back to it. Right in the middle, on the coast, you can see a face in the mountains. Not intentional, but hysterical nonetheless.

And then, as you might imagine after stopping at every. single. viewpoint., it got dark and we still had to drive. Disappointing, but in case you skipped all of the pictures of this post leading up to this one, go back and look. It was worth it.

The best I could go at night while freezing. Setting up a tripod while your fingers are about to freeze off is not an easy task. Nor is setting up a tripod in gloves. There really wasn't a way to win.

Somewhere south of San Luis Obispo and north of Santa Barbara. At another scenic viewpoint.

Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara. About 50% of the postcards sold of Santa Barbara have the exact perspective of this. Those palm trees are somewhat iconic, I have come to believe.

From inside the Santa Barbara Public Library.

Santa Barbara. This is photographic evidence that I didn't spend the entire trip facing the ocean.
Most, but not all.

Ventura does sunsets right.

Those colors, though. 

Island (Santa Cruz Island, I believe) as seen from Ventura Pier. 

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