Sunday, June 22, 2014

Asia: Week 1

Because I've been here for almost a month, here are some pictures from my first week here.

More coming soon..
What I woke up to the first morning. The clouds, sun, and light here are remarkable. 

The Marina Bay Sands. Much larger up close.

I have a mug with the Merlion on it, so now I'll probably have to put this picture on a mug.

We made some friends.

"Quay" is pronounced "key". I don't want you to go around making a fool of yourself with the wrong pronunciation.

Me and a Singaporean government official.

Golf course for dinner.

Bags in drinks are really big here, and I'm not sure why yet. Not pictured: drinks in bags minus the cup.

I think the tilt that the woman gave this picture makes it artistic?

My first night eating in Asia. I now know my mistake: I didn't use an Asian soup spoon.

The view from a different gold course. 

The hangar opening at Seletar Aerospace Park. The deflated bounce house on the bottom right was fun AND safe, and the one towards the hangar doors was a human foosball contraption. I wasn't good at that.

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  1. Everything looks so clean there - beautiful pics! Please update us on the bag drink thing. Maybe take a pic of you drinking that...successfully, or not:)