Friday, June 27, 2014

Cambodia part 1

Singapore happens to be somewhat central in terms of SE Asia, and flights to all over are quick and relatively cheap, so when I decided to come here, I knew it would be very likely that we could go places (other countries) for the weekend. 

Our first attempt at making this happen was a trip to Thailand (Phuket being one of the cheapest places to fly to from Singapore, as well as cheap once you get there). However, with Thailand having a bit of political unrest, even if Bangkok isn't that close to Phuket, we decided to put it off and try somewhere else. About a week and a half later, Hannah suggested Cambodia, and I didn't say no. I basically said yes without knowing anything about the country, and I'd never even heard of Phnom Penh. However, if I did know more about the country, I don't know that I would have said yes so quickly. Having said that, I'm so glad we went. It was eye opening and people were so nice and the entire country, and not just relative to the expensive city of Singapore, was so cheap. We ate and drank and ate and drank some more, because things were cheap, cheap, cheap. And then we shopped, and shopped the next day and went back again. I got a lot of checkmarks for people I needed to get presents for, so thank you Cambodia. 

We had an afternoon flight, and got into Phnom Penh around 4pm, stood around in the airport for a while because our hotel apparently forgot to send a taxi for us, so that was a good way to force us to talk to some locals. We figured it out, got a taxi, and headed to our hotel, the first of many times I thought I was going to die.

That night, we ventured out in the rain to find food, never found the restaurant, gave up, got a tuktuk home, and walked around the corner for dinner. Then we slept. 

Singapore's Changi airport is so nice, and also it has this.

The airport. We had to try really hard to get someone to take these pictures, and a nice Australian woman did it for us. Even better news: she and her brother had just come back from Cambodia so she got us excited.

That's a police, just driving in front of our car, like every other car did. We spent a decent amount of time in cars/tuktuks and I can honestly say that I'm surprised we didn't see a crash with the way that they drove.

We found a random tour guide and he took our picture. His people whom he was guiding are in the back of our picture, clearly they thought they could give better tours themselves, or otherwise I'm not sure why they would abandon the poor guide.

This was only a few years old, and had only been open less than a year, at least that's what random tour guide told us.

I'm not sure what this statue was for, because I didn't want to cross the skating rink to find out.

View from the back of a tuktuk. Otherwise known as the way I thought I would die.

I took this picture while crossing the street. It gives a very strong false sense of security because all of the cars are on the right side of the road and stopped. This was at a stop light, which was very rare within the city, and non-existent outside of the city. Our first attempt to cross the street took about 4 minutes, most of which were spent starting to cross and then turning around.

At the end of day one, we were excited.

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