Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I wrote about Lucky here, but thought he deserved his own post. We stayed at a hotel mainly because we read good things about it on the TripAdvisor page, and thank goodness we did. The hotel was small, only three floors and probably four rooms on each floor, and beautiful. We met the owner (an Australian) the night we got there, and he was able to help us decide what was worth doing in Cambodia, and what we could skip out on. The best thing he did for us was get us a tuk tuk driver.

Lucky speaks English, and laughs at our jokes. As far as Hannah and I are concerned, those are the important qualities in a foreigner when we're traveling. He drove us around the first day, and we liked and trusted him so much that we requested him for the second day, one that would be longer for him, but it was work and more money than we had paid the day before, so we got him the second day as well.

Not only did we trust him to drive us, but when I was stung by a bee two hours outside of Cambodia's capital city (and that's still not saying much) I was okay because at least we have Lucky.

On our third day in Phnom Penh, we only had the morning before we left for the airport, but we knew we would want a tuk tuk for at least an hour or two. Because we didn't make a decision until late, and probably forgot, we didn't request Lucky, so the next morning, we didn't get Lucky.

Needless to say, our tuk tuk driver that day was great, he got us to where we needed to go safely and answered our questions, but we were sad that on our last day we weren't going to see Lucky and therefore miss the opportunity to get a picture with him.

As luck would have it (see what I did there?) we pulled up in front of the hotel for the last time in a tuk tuk, right before we were going to the airport, and a motorcycle pulls up behind us. Our driver said hi to the rider, and we turned around and it was Lucky.

We had our driver take a picture, because we weren't going to leave without making sure he knew just how lucky we felt to have him take care of us for our short stay in Phnom Penh.

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