Sunday, June 7, 2015

Just Getting to Germany

The start of 86 days in Germany. I wasn't even worried about my program, my internship, or the 3 months not being home. I was really just annoyed that I'd be in airports for what was going to feel like three weeks.

Leaving the desert, featuring Camelback Mountain.

Because I apparently have a complex separation in my mind about how things sound and how things will actually be, I chose a flight itinerary that would give me a solid 27.5 hours of time between taking off from Arizona and landing in Hamburg. Actual flying time: 13 hours.

Math majors may point out that 27.5 and 13 aren't the same number. They also might point out that that means I might actually be insane and then they would ask why I ever think waiting for 14.5 hours wold be a good idea. 

I had this view for about 10 minutes before I realized I was bored and wanted a new seat. This was only like 3 hours into the entire process. 
I wasted a lot of time in the bathroom in the airport, spending way too long in the bathroom, but mostly because by that point, I'd sat in every area possible and didn't want to go have to go back to any of them. 

Hours later, because miracles happen, I finally got on the plane. I sat next to a guy from Alaska whose purpose in my life was probably to remind me to shut up. While I'd started my journey that morning, he'd flown out of Alaska the night before, so he won in terms of who has it worse at that point. I had the window seat, so I'd like to think I had the advantage. He was a great person, and after talking for probably half of the flight (whenever either of us weren't asleep), he gave me advice and told me I had a grace about me, and because of that I'll be successful in whatever I do, mainly because it means I can talk to people. He claims I got a lot of information out of him, but I really toned it down with the questions, thank goodness. 

Surprise! Because I didn't wait enough at LAX, I got to wait at Heathrow. I had ramen and watched a lot of people and did a few laps around the airport, walking on the left, naturally.

You'd think they'd do something about airplane windows so that incredible natural phenomenon can be more accurately captured. That's a sunset somewhere between London and Hamburg. Wherever it was, it was probably cold.

And because I didn't know what time it was or what day it was or if I was hungry or tired or happy or sad, I got greeted by a few languages, just to keep things clear. Landed at 10 p.m., went to sleep by midnight, and for the next three nights slept around 8 hours, having no issues with jet lag.

That might be the only silver lining I'm going to have here. I spent all those hours just waiting, so it really couldn't have been that taxing on my body.

Jet lag solved. You're welcome, world.

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