Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cultural Wins

Some thoughts on Germany from my first few weeks in Berlin...

Turns out, when you stop using conditioner on normally-conditioned hair for two weeks straight, and still shampoo it every day, it tends to dry it out a bit. I know that now, and after one conditioning, I could tell a huge difference. Thanks, Germany, for not having a equal ratio of shampoo and conditioner products in grocery stores.

Somehow everyone's hair here still looks beautiful. Except for the homeless people.

And some cultural wins, to prove that I'm sort of fitting in here.

#4: Homeless man on the train asked me if I wanted to have beers with him. The answer was no, as he smelled a little, but I definitely walked off that train (at the wrong stop, maybe just to get away from him) happy just that I understood what he asked me, could answer, and clearly he thought I was German-enough to ask.

#28: Witnessed a spat between old people on the train (I spend a lot of time on trains). It was hot, and there are windows you can crack open, but as you might imagine, that creates some wind. The old man who was sitting near the window was unhappy with the wind, so he was sure to stand up, slam the window shut, and sit down with a huff. At the next stop, an older woman sitting with her back to him opened it again, which no one noticed until the train started again and the wind happened. They went back and forth 4 times, opening and slamming the window, until a young woman (I'm guessing 28?) stood up, and stated very loudly that "the entire train was hot, and if this older man is unhappy with the window being open, he can just go find himself another place to sit, because he's not the only one on this train." The window stayed open after that.

The cultural win here came in the form of the commentary the two men across from me were having, and the fact that I laughed with them (at the appropriate times), and after some eye contact and some agreeable had nods, he definitely thought I was a German.

to be continued...

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