Thursday, July 9, 2015

Palaces & Gardens

After I went to Sanssouci Palace, I went to go look at the gardens on the property, and there were a few. Doesn't look incredibly big on a map and the palaces are big, so there's a certain amount of confusion as to how far a walk across the property will actually take. 

The Chinese House:

The green was very refreshing to see, out in the wild, just growing like that because it does. No one had to water it! Nature is amazing.

And the New Palace. I took this picture and then walked for another eternity before I got to the palace. Then I had to walk around the entire thing, and that was no picnic either.

My host mom had told me that Sanssouci wasn't worth it, but this palace, being much bigger than Sanssouci, was worth my time. However, it ended up being under construction and I could only go in a few rooms. From what I saw, I'm not here to tell my host mother she's wrong, because it looked like it provided quite the living situation. I mean, look at it.

20 minutes later, when I made it to the other side of the building to find the entrance.

Only somewhat pictured: all the construction happening around the building. I can only imagine what construction or renovations with a place like this entails, but from what I've seen, they've been kept up pretty well. Probably because the tourists are calmed by the audio guides they receive upon entering the palaces. Keeps everyone pretty calm. 

From what I saw inside:

Above left: every palace was basically set up the same, with all the rooms in a row, with doors in the of the room, going from one end of the building to another. It made a good view when looking from room to room, but I wonder how practical it was, especially as some of these rooms were used as "apartments" for guests, and not only as ballrooms.

But then again I'm not sure they built these places in terms of practicality.

The chandelier hangs from the middle of that gold burst. Pretty decent artwork, if you ask me.

Across from the New Palace stand these buildings, connected to each other with the arcade between.

Said arcadia:

(My architecture vocabulary is something to be jealous of, I know.)

Eventually, because I didn't know the policy of locking tourists in the park if they didn't get out on time, I wandered back to the front. And only stopped to take a few photos on my way.

Because look at that nature!

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