Thursday, July 2, 2015

TBT: Another half marathon.

Once I ran the first, my real thought was: how hard can a second be?

Me plus a few of my running friends. It was the race's first year, so the numbers were small and that was okay with me. We spent a lot of it running on the sidewalk of a golf course, so thank goodness it wasn't more crowded.

I got a medal!

And then I got another one!

I had seen that I won within my age group on a screen they put up with the results, and it said I got 2nd. I wasn't expecting to place in any specific category, but instead just had a personal goal of beating my previous time. (I did, don't worry.)

But then, when it finally (and I mean finally, it was delayed for no reason for way too long) I got my medal, they called my name and announced I had received first place. A look online at home also said I received first place, but I wasn't about to give back my first place medal. It wasn't until a few weeks later when I got the pictures back from the race that I realized that the girl whose time beat mine was a member of the Best Buddings team in the race. She uses a wheelchair and she was being pushed by a man, and his time therefore transferred to her. I guess they didn't use her number in calculating who actually won in each age category, but it worked out okay for me I guess.

Probably would do it never year, as it was a nicely put-together race, but also hilly. Hills suck.

But it didn't make me want to quit running yet, so I'm not sure if it did its job or not. Until the next race!

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