Monday, August 10, 2015

(Even) More Berlin

A few photos from my first few days in Berlin, on one of the first days I took my camera out with me.

TV Tower, Alexanderplatz. I didn't go up, mostly because times were bad and I would have to pay money. 
Berliner Dom from the a bridge above the Spree. 
Around the corner from Nikolaiviertel.
They named their building accurately.

And then a few weeks later, on one of my last days in Berlin, I went to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. It was damaged in WWII, and they left it. 

Nothing like a casual city.
1933: how it looked before the damage.
That hole? You could see through it to the "roof" of the damaged roof.
There's Wilhelm himself.
The new church is next door, and looks somewhat different and a bit more modern.
A little closer? That's what the outside looks like.
And there's the inside. Each piece of stained glass looked a little different than the others, but you couldn't really tell until you got closer and looked. 

And I spent an hour one night at the Topography of Terror. I wish I would have had more than an hour, because this was one of those things where reading was completely necessary, and there were more than a few signs to read.

Outdoors and indoors, it's a museum about the Nazis, The Third Reich and WWII SS, Gestapo, Berlin, The Berlin Wall. While it seemed like everything that I learned in Berlin was about the Berlin Wall, East/West Germany and WWII, this did it completely differently, interestingly. I could have spent three times as much time here. (I did a quick circle in the indoor museum, but really didn't read much of the information inside. Next time I'm in Berlin..)

The wall of a Gestapo building. 

How the outdoor museum looked, with the exhibitions basically on the walls of the old offices. Behind that stands a section of the Berlin Wall.

The Berlin Wall, seen above the exhibition.

The outside portion seen from the inside portion of the museum. Also seen: the Berlin Wall again.

The good news was that it didn't rain, although it looked like it was going to.

Of the things that I had left on my list for my last few days in Germany, I'm glad I made this one a priority and took the time to go. A lot of this history was things I have seen and read over and over again, but it's different being in the place where things happened, of being able to see something from the time still standing right in front of your eyes.

Everyone I told that I was going to Berlin just went on and on about how Berlin is a great city and they love it, and therefore I'm going to love it.

Turns out, they were right.

Can't wait to be back, Berlin.

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