Friday, October 30, 2015

Venice (part 3): Windows and doors

This was meant to be a post about my afternoon in Venice, the one where I melted and melted some more and all I wanted to do was go back to the hotel where I had a very air-conditioned room and sit there and stop walking and be in the cool air. But, when you have not even three full days to explore a city, there's no time for that. 

So this post, instead, turned into the pictures that I took that afternoon, almost all of which turned out to be of windows and doors, because they were all so different and ornate and exquisite and sometimes you could hear Taylor Swift coming from inside, or maybe a woman shouting over the noises of the kitchen, but regardless of the noises coming from inside, the facades were all equally interesting and beautiful.


And a short break for pictures of food. Breakfast at the hotel (you'd know because of the ornately patterned rug) and lunch. It was a restaurant in the same square as my hotel, and I didn't mean to go there, until the maĆ®tre d' was standing precisely at the corner, so when I turned around the corner of the building, he was right there, ready to go with a menu to put in my hands. I didn't have a better option, so I sat down and watched crowds of tourists who'd come from the cruise ship, while I ate my bruschetta. (And yes, it was amazing.)

Back to your regularly scheduled doors and windows.

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