Friday, November 6, 2015

Copenhagen (part 1)

stay tuned for post 2 and post 3 about my time in Copenhagen

After an eventful evening of accidentally going to Sweden, I woke up the next day in Copenhagen, and got up early to make sure to make the most of my day.

It started with breakfast, at a little cafe I'd read about online.

It was called Granola, so I had no choice but to get granola, right? Also ordering fruit and getting that much fruit is not something I was expecting, as ordering fruit in the U.S. means you're getting a tiny cup of maybe 8 pieces of fruit. I was thrilled.

This flower shop was across the street from Granola, and cute to watch them open it up that morning.

Buildings actually looked like this, like a lot of them. I'd only hope that whoever lives inside makes the inside just as beautiful as the outside. But can you imagine living there and seeing that every day?

Even the planetarium is beautiful.

Tivoli is an amusement park in the middle of Copenhagen. I used it as a landmark, coming back to one of its borders at least a few times a day to make sure I knew where I was. Online it'll say you need to go, but it was cold and cloudy while I was there (it got sunny toward the end of my stay) but I didn't think it was justified paying to get in while I was alone and freezing. But the screams, noises, smells and scenes from inside made it look like a really good time.

Attempt maybe number 15 of a self portrait? I wanted proof that I was there and freezing and wearing a (few) coats and a scarf in July, but no one was around so that was an issue. Nothing like having several pictures of yourself on your camera, all where you're not ready for the picture to be taken.

The architecture there was beautiful and nothing like I'd ever seen in grand scale.

A building from 1869 that looks like it could have been built a few years ago. Also those flags look good against anything.

And the flowers! All over and all beautiful and so colorful that it didn't matter how gloomy the day looked.

It was only once I got there that I realized Copenhagen's Nyhavn was the photo that my camera used as the example for a preset when choosing a scene mode. It was a little sunnier in their example, but I was shocked when I recognized in real life something I'd been looking at for a few years without even knowing what it was.

And this is a hotel, otherwise known as a palace. It was right around the corner from like five palaces so close enough, right?

And see what I mean about those flags?

As seen from across the water: the opera house. I didn't even realize it was the opera house when I took this, I just thought it was a great example of Scandinavian design.

Self portrait attempt 2. Like the first one, there are multiple attempts on my camera, half with my eyes closed or me walking away from the camera or fixing my hair. I'm not sure why I posted this one and not one of those.

For someone who likes symmetry and things in rows and repetition, Copenhagen was the perfect place for me to visit. (As were Amsterdam and Venice, because they also believed in repetion and symmetry and beauty.)

Not a palace, despite looking like one. Just a building near the harbor.

On the way to see the Little Mermaid statue, I saw this, not knowing what it was. More will come later, but it was Kastallet, or a "star fortress." It looks like this on Google Maps, so now we all know how it got its name.

This Instagram post (great account by the way) just informed me the reason for star fortresses. Apparently when an invader would come toward the center by way of a V, armies could stand on the two points of the star surrounding it and shoot at the invader, while being out of harm's way. Interesting, no?

Someone at my hostel told me going to see the Little Mermaid wasn't worth it; it was too far away and too small and all I would see would be Asian people taking pictures of it, and did I really want a picture of 500 Asians? (I already have enough of those, after last summer.)

But somehow, I managed to get a picture without my 500 Asian friends. I must be a photographic genius.

And look! Another. I'm not sure if I had a picture of all the people taking pictures of it, but it was hysterical. There was a line of people waiting to get a picture with it, and the rest of us just trying to take pictures between people posing with it.

And onto more of Copenhagen, including the fortress, later in my day!

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