Monday, November 2, 2015

Venice (part 4): Leaving

First, a video from my last night in Venice. It was this sort of thing that made me sad to have to leave. I happened upon this on my way back to the hotel, and first I was annoyed that the 20-feet-wide staircase over a canal was blocked with people sitting there, but then I realized what it was for, and I figured the appreciation of music was a decent reason to block staircases.

And the next morning, I was up early to have breakfast, get my stuff together, and get to the airport. The airport in Venice is an hour away from Venice, so that meant my noon flight became an ordeal that took up a lot of my day. But I realized I was up way too early and took a quick last walk around in the cool morning air.

I spent the hour taking pictures, taking advantage of the different viewpoint of Venice that I hadn't had earlier. The sun was moving and the clouds were moving and the light consistently changed which made it amazingly interesting to watch the way things changed in the different light. Also: water always helps to make photos more vivid and alive.

Some of those boats were giant. I walked by them a few times and couldn't see anyone who looked like they were the owners/patrons/renters, which was upsetting because all I could see was their staff, cleaning and waiting for their tenants to come back. What a life.

Nothing like a Saturday morning row.

More Saturday morning rowing teams.

And back to Germany, where when my flight landed, was very windy, had rain and I was not prepared in my sundress that I found appropriate for the warm Italy air.

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